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Written by Alyssa Rallo Bennett,

ReRUN is a feature-length film about George (Christopher Lloyd), who is still haunted with regret from the loss of a wayward girl he loved decades ago.

Allison was nominated for Best Actress in a Feature Film at the Northeast Film Festival, US.

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Which Witch is Which?

Written and produced by Allison, Which Witch is Which? is a comedy short in the spirit of Who's on First? set during the Salem Witch Trials.


Which Witch is Witch? was the winner of the Audience Choice Awards Comedy Film Festival!

Toss It

Written and directed by Michele Remsen.

Allison stars as Natalie in Toss It, an anti-romantic-comedy that starts where most rom-coms end - then gets real.

Two savvy friends discover what they don't know about themselves, their families, and Western Civilization.

Dean Darling
Directed by Calogero Carucci, Dean Darling had its world premiere at the Stony Brook Film Festival this past July. Alan Inkles, director of the Staller Center, said, “All of the cast were terrific, but without a doubt, Allison’s work was the real glue to keeping the film together. As the protagonist, she enters the film and brings a powerful energy."

Written and directed by Mike Cheslik,

L.I.P.S. is an animated adventure through space. Allison plays Duffy, an aspiring writer following the great Ozanzigwan to chronicle his journey.


Winner of multiple awards!

Acting Reel

Featuring footage from Deathly Days and Show Off!

Black Line

Written and  directed by Maya Bar-Lev, Allison stars as Laura, a young woman suffering from depression and PTSD who struggles to adjust to day-to-day life.

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A Room Without a View

A surreal drama, this experimental film written and directed by Roshanak Elmendorf, depicts a veiled woman who is afraid to get out of her confinement. The elements in the room become metaphors that keep her fears and superstitions alive and present. Allison is the sole performer in this film.

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